14 June 2024

Melbourne boutique cosmetic dentistry specialist Vogue Dental Studios has launched operations in North Sydney. The expanding business held an official launch party at North Sydney’s Four Hundred Bar last week.

The clinic is located in Elizabeth Plaza off Brett Whiteley Place in the North Sydney CBD.

Melbourne-based founder of the clinic, Dr Deepan Duraisamy, told the Sun that he was motivated to set up in North Sydney when he observed “a lot of patients from New South Wales traveling down to Melbourne to come and see us.”

“North Sydney is a great place away from the commercial hub, but still it’s quite part of the city. We wanted to set up a small practice where we can be reachable from the train lines anywhere from anywhere from Sydney,” he said.

Studio staff with Dr Matthews 3rd from left and Dr Durasiamy far right

Dr Durasiamy has qualifications from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a relative rarity in the Australian sector. 

“I worked as a dentist in a group practice for about eight years and then I wanted to venture out and start something new, which is exclusive to cosmetic enhancements and dentistry. So I set it up eight to nine years ago in Melbourne and we running successfully.”

“Cosmetic dentistry is reconstructive, giving new smiles to people who’ve been dreaming of. It has a good science behind it. We want to either restore what’s lost or want to enhance for someone who wants to feel better. The technology we are using has digitalised from start to finish where, when someone comes in, we are able to give them the virtual outlook of what it’s going to be like and then walk them through the journey,” he told the Sun.

“Once they get their new smile, they transform into a new person.”

Studio staff celebrate the launch

The North Sydney clinic is headed by Dr Betty Matthews, who relocated from Melbourne for the new position. She established her career in New Zealand for 15 years before moving to Australia.

“We’re looking forward to big, exciting things in the future,” she told the Sun. “It’s a great location. It’s obviously close to the city, but not within the city. Just across the Harbor Bridge, just a very central area. So yeah, we had a couple of options. We chose North Sydney, and it’s been exciting.”

For patients coming in for the first time, she said: “We will obviously just do a thorough overview of what’s going on, look at what your concerns might be, what treatment options there are. We just always love to get to know you and build a relationship. We’re a small boutique practice, and I think everything is on a personal level, and I think that’s always what we strive for.”

One notable aspect to the clinic is the support it gets from celebrities. This includes Miss Universe Monique Riley and NRL footballers Josh Addo-Carr, Brandon Smith and Jaxson Paulo. 

Australian Leaders in Dentistry – Vogue Dental Studios